Best Leadpages Tutorials & YouTube Videos For 2020

This Leadpages tutorials 2020 contains informational web pages related to Leadpages guides (updated on GPressTheme blog) and YouTube video links.

Leadpages is one most popular landing page builders on the Internet. I have been writing about their service from the end of 2019.

Now it has been more than six months and, I manage to write 10+ articles related to Leadpages, and the counting is still going on.

10+ best Leadpages tutorials and YouTube videos 2020

In this article, I have categorized Leadpages tutorials into two parts: the 1st is a text-based guide, which is published on GPressTheme, and the 2nd is a YouTube playlist.

Attention: Other YouTubers and bloggers have uploaded all video links mentioned below on YouTube. If there is a mistake or you want to remove your video link (you own) from this, kindly contact me via the contact page.

GPressTheme's Leadpages guides

Leadpages video tutorials from YouTube

  • Site headers and navigation guide
  • Creating a funnel & campaign
  • Affiliate marketing guide - Part 1
  • Affiliate marketing guide - Part 2
  • Mobile responsiveness setup with Leadpages
  • Article publication WordPress site
  • Using conversional tools by Leadpages
  • Publishining Leadpages on WordPress blog

Final thoughts about Leadpages tutorials & video list 2020

Undoubtedly, Leadpages is a top-notch page builder and email capture tool in 2020. That's why I am trying to cover all topics related to services.

I hope this Leadpages tutorials page has been helped you to find the best articles and YouTube video guides for making maximum use of Leadpages features.

If you have any helpful YouTube link, then please don't hesitate to drop it in the comments box. I will check your video, and if it is informational, I will update it on my list.

leadpages black friday

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the above links may contain affiliate links. It means we may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you…. [Read More]

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