Leadpages Affiliate Program Review 2020 | Best Recurring Commission Program

Leadpages Affiliate Program Review 2020

Product Name: Leadpages Partner Program Product

Type: Landing Page Builder

Trial: 14 Day Free Trial

Price: $15/month

Summary: In my review, You will find Leadpages Affiliate Program is the best recurring affiliate program. Because, it is free easy to join, login, easy to promote that pays you a flat 30% recurring commission for as long as your referral remains its customer.

If you are an affiliate marketer like me then you can earn passive income by promoting this product. then you can make a decent income by promoting this product.

If you ever read about affiliate marketing, then you may how powerful technique is this to earn passive income. Right?

So, in this tutorial, I will review Leadpages Partner Program to show you how much you can expect referral earning from it in the year 2020.

About Leadpages affiliate program

leadpages affiliate program review

Signing up for Leadpages partner program is absolutely free and you can make $10,000+ per Leadpages referral each month by promoting on your existing website.

But before I start writing my review, let me introduce you with Leadpages introduction.

Leadpages is a well-known landing page builder available at affordable prices. It is the perfect choice for those people who want to create beautiful and high-converting landing pages and opt-in boxes without coding headaches.

The best part is that Leadpages has 40,000+ happy customers. That makes sense, why this tool worth money invested.

Coming to Leadpages affiliate program review, its partner program is as easiest as creating a Google account.

And the best part is, it offers a 30% recurring basis commission. That means, once you send them a customer, you are bound to keep earing until the customer renewing his/her membership.

So, I suggest you join it right now and start making money from the affiliate program.

4 Reasons to join Leadpages partner program

Not sure whether you should register for Leadpages affiliate program or not? Read below 4 reasons that convince you to sign up right now:

1. No joining fee

The very first reason to join this affiliate program is, it doesn’t charge a penny for joining. Even more, it’s not compulsory to be a premium member for promoting it.

2. 30 day cookie

It offers a 30-day cookie for a lifetime. This means if a user visits from your affiliate link but doesn’t buy a subscription. And meantime he/she sign up with the next 30 days. You will earn a commission until the membership ends.

3. Earn up to $1144 per referral

Yes, you heard me right. By promoting Leadpages, you can earn from $90 to $716 per sale. For example, with membership prices ranging from $37/month to $3816 for 2-year Advanced, you can calculate the will be up to $1144 per successful sale.

4. Creative banners

The one great reason, I liked the most is its banner. From the Affiliate login panel, you have dozens of banners with different sizes. You can pick any to place on the website with a single click.

How to join Leadpages affiliate program?

It is very easy to join this affiliate program. All you have t follow step by step guide given below:

Step 1: Visit Leadpages official affiliate sign up page and click on “Join The Affiliate Program” button.

join leadpages affiliate program

Step 2: It will take you to the app.impact.com sign up. In this section, you need to add the account information mentioned below:

join leadpages affiliate program
join leadpages affiliate program
  1. Language:  Choose your preferred language
  2. Account Display Name:  Enter your first and last name
  3. Website: Provide your website or blog link (optional)
  4. Country: Select your country
  5. Bank Location Country: Select your bank’s country location
  6. Currency: Choose a currency
  7. Timezone:  Select you timezone
  8. Street Address 1: Enter your full address details
  9. Street Address 2:  Repeat the address same
  10. City: Add your city name
  11. State: Pick your state name
  12. Zip/Postal Code: Enter local area code
  13. Phone Number: Enter your contact number
  14. Continue: In last, click on the Continue button

Step 3: Fill up Media Partnership Information listed below:

leadpages affiliate program
leadpages affiliate program
  1. Description: Provide relevant information about your business
  2. Primary Promotional Method: Choose promotional methods
  3. Secondary Promotional Method: Again choose promotional methods
  4. Promoting Countries: Select countries for promoting
  5. Leadpages Media Properties: Delete this widget
  6. Continue: In last, click on the Continue button

Step 4: Fill up Account Administration Information listed below:

leadpages affiliate login
  1. First Name: Enter your first name
  2. Last Name: Enter your last name
  3. Email Address: Fill your email address
  4. Confirm Email Address: re-enter the email address
  5. Username: Set a username for signing into affiliate dashboard
  6. Password: Set a secure password
  7. Confirm Password: retype above password
  8. Continue: In last, click on the Continue button

Step 5: Under Review and Accept Commercial Terms section type characters showing in the image and then tap on the orange button, “I read & agree to the terms and submit application“.

leadpages affiliate program terms

Step 6: In the last step visit your email inbox and click on the “Verify Email Address” to confirm the application submission.

leadpages affiliate email varification

Congratulations, you have joined Leadpages affiliate account successfully. Now login to your affiliate panel and start promoting it on your website, blog or social media networks. Once someone will click and end up buying any subscription, you will earn a commission.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions about this partner program

1. How do I login in Leadpages affiliate program account?

Visit Leadpages affiliate login page and click on log in. Enter your username and password to open the affiliate dashboard.

2. What are the best ways to promote Leadpages?

Once you have joined Leadpages affiliate program, just place your link anywhere on the Internet. If a person clicks on that link and ends up buying the product, you will earn. But for better sale conversions deliver product reviews, comparison articles, or promotional offers on your site. For example, writing on Leadpages Black Friday Cyber Monday, discount code, free trial guide convert more sales.

3. How much can you earn?

With a little effort, it is possible to earn at least $1000 with a dozen of successful sales. And you will get commission until the customer keeps renewing his/her membership plan.

4. Can I can create a custom affiliate link?

Yes! Under your affiliate dashboard, you can see the “Create A Link” box on the right sidebar. In this section, you can create your custom redirect page affiliate link.

5. Can I buy from my own referral link?

Sorry to say, but Leadpages partner program does not allow affiliates to buy Leadpages subscription from their own link. Any suspicious activity tracked will end up with permanent account cancellation.


Leadpages Affiliate Program is the best income source for affiliate marketers. If you haven’t joined yet, then you are leaving money on the table for someone else to pick.

If you have any questions regarding this review, just let me know via the comments box. I would love to assist you with the respective information.

leadpages affiliate program

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