40+ Best Elementor Examples & Showcase Websites Templates 2021

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You are probably interested in Elementor. That’s why you have landed on this website page to see the best Elementor examples.


Hopefully, you are in right place.

Because in this tutorial, I will show you 40+ WordPress websites using Elementor page builder along with three best sites of the month October 2021.

With this mega library, you will come to know, how beautifully Elementor can build sturdy landing pages and sales funnels.

Here at GPressTheme, I use GeneratePress Premium (review) as a base theme, Elementor Pro for building posts/pages layouts and Thrive Architect (best Elementor alternative) plugin for writing dynamic articles.

I had purchased Elementor Pro in August 2019. Though Elementor free version has excellent features after buying the premium version, I bet Elementor Pro value the money.

Here, I have collected 40+ great examples of websites using the Elementor to inspire you using this plugin on your next WordPress project in 2021.

Ready to get inspired? Let’s dig in!

Great-looking Elementor examples websites in 2021

Note: Before adding any site link in this Elementor examples library, I have manually checked each site using Elementor free/paid or both plugins via scanwp.net. If you find something wrong in the listing, kindly let me know through the contact page.

Elementor Sites of The Month October 2021

As mentioned above, I will show you the best Elementor sites for the month October 2021. So here are:

1. Astra Theme


WPastra is the fastest growing theme freemium WordPress theme provider developed by Brainstorm Force. It has beautiful demo sites that reduce your website design time with one click import functionality.

Astra is one of the professionally great looking Elementor examples, which hardly recommend this plugin than any other page builder like Crocoblock, UAE or Beaver Builder etc.

2. OceanWP


OceanWP is another source of free + premium multi-purpose WordPress theme that makes your work really easy when it comes to building a professional-looking website.

This theme is created by Nicolas Lecocq, which has gotten the highest grade in most of the top speed testing tools, also supports significant page builders like Elementor.

3. Thirsty Affiliates

thirsty affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is a freemium WordPress plugin that gives you complete control over affiliate links. Generally, the free version is enough is to cloak affiliate links.

Once you have it installed on your WordPress site, it will make managing your affiliate links easier than you ever thought possible.

Well, above are the variety of sites from entirely different areas for the month October 2021.

40+ Best Elementor Resources in 2021

Now let’s see what are the top WordPress sites using Elementor page builder in 2021.

Ultimate Addons For Elementor

ultimate addons for elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a great designing tool discovered by Brainstorm Force developers. It is an additional addon for Elementor free plugin.

In short, if someone doesn’t want to go with Elementor Pro, then picking up Ultimate Addons For Elementor (see discount code) the right decision.

Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks

ultimate addons for gutenberg

Ultimate Addon For Gutenberg is a lightweight but potent designing plugin to supercharge your WordPress editor.

Once the plugin is installed on your site, it’s too simple to design complete pages & creative blocks and easily customize them as per your needs.

Ultimate Blocks

ultimate blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a custom Gutenberg block for bloggers and affiliate marketers. The positive side of this plugin is, it’s 100% free.

The website design & blog post layouts are fully responsive & mobile friendly made with WP Astra as a base theme and for creating layouts using Elementor Pro.



GPressTheme (this blog) is an affiliate site that writes about WordPress theme reviews, coupons and comparison tutorials.

If you wish to find the best WordPress theme for your next project, then there is nothing better than this website to find the right theme.

WP Blogging 101

wp blogging 101

As the name explains WP Blogging 101 website is all about mastering WordPress blogging and make money online in 2021.

The majority of design, this blog is crafted with GeneratePress as a base theme and Thrive Architect for creating content layouts. However, the admin also using Elementor Pro for exploring GP Premium features.


wp built

WPbuilt (previous name Katka) was discovered in 2017. It has a mega library of Elementor page templates. This site is not affiliated with Elementor.com.

It offers their self made templates. Some of them are free, and others are paid. The only difference between free & pro is the widgets the sections use as some are only available in Elementor Pro like the form widget.



Elementor is a professional-looking front-end site builder for WordPress. It was found in 2016 as a WordPress plugin for designing a never-ending landing page.

Over the past few years, Elementor has grown up to 3,000,000 active installs and is loved by many, as seen in over 4,000 five-star reviews.

  • Founder: Ariel Klikstein
  • Theme: Unknown



I couldn’t miss Onebeat site to add in to my Elementor examples library because of it’s design and layouts. This community helps retailers, wholesalers, and brands achieve breakthrough results through operational excellence & innovation.

Jorge Barragan

jorge barragan

Jorge Barragan is a personal blog based on advertising, marketing, graphic design and web development. On this site, the admin delivers digital services like app designing, digital art, marketing, social media hacking, personal branding etc.

Nood Pet Food

nood pet food

Nood Pet Food comes into play when you need to know what type food keep your pet healthy and other nutritionists recipes that your pet will love.



Creatistry is an online community firm filled with the Spirit were artisans and we believe that it can still happen today.

Vital Hat

vital hat

Generally, Vital Hat is a cap blog. However, it’s more than a hat. A true feeling for you get on a run, focusing on to reach your goal in manners.



Wint is a water consumption detection technique that alerts you when water is leaking and automatically shuts it off.

  • Founder: Alon Geva
  • Theme: Phlox Pro



Itho is a full service agency that builds brands, designs websites, even creates digital marketing campaigns that actually work well to turn your business in to a brand.

The Foxes Photography

the foxes photography

The Foxes Photography is a team of a husband and wife who are specialized in photographing adventure elopements around the nature.

Quince Media


Quince Media company delivers low cost 3D motion graphics and animation videos at affordable prices. In short, they are specialized in the production of animated videos, product animations and logo creation for your online business or websites.



Gramzilla is a perfect source to learn, “how to get Instagram followers fast”. Even, it helps you to find the most important recognitions, all-in-one word relationships, and high-end resources to become popular on Instagram.



Zadart is Seattle’s only exotic and luxury car rental beautique. Their aim to provide only high end, peak conditioned, well maintained, and stunning cars.



I couldn’t resist Kbsci amazing website to add in this Elementor examples. The prime principle of KBS is to provide the value in every step of the construction process.

Method CRM

method crm

Method:CRM is a great resource of our Elementor examples list. It syncs instantly with QuickBooks to manage your contacts, stop entering data twice, and get paid faster.



OrlandoiX is the Southeast’s biggest creators in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Video Games, and Digital Arts. They tech enthusiasts for industry-leading keynotes, interactive exhibits, gameplay, and networking.

Realty Press

realty press

Realty Press is a revolutionizes premium WordPress plugin of CREA DDF® allows real estate agents to feed listings from their CREA DDF® account.

  • Founder: Carmelo “Mel” Oliveri
  • Theme: WP Astra

Irek Piekarski

irek piekarski

Irek Piekarski master technical analysis with over 80 video lessons. These lessons are suitable for both beginners and experts, which teaches management techniques that fit to everyone business.

Choquiero Chocolate

choquiero chocolate

Choquiero Chocolate was started with by Ariel as a passion to share food recipes. Later it turned into a passion for cooking that extended into making chocolate.

Bryan University

bryan university

Bryan University was founded in 1940, aim to deliver innovative and rewarding educational experiences that lead to productive professional careers.

  • Founder: Dr. Mildred T. Bryan
  • Theme: WP Astra

Sealand Gov


Paddy Roy Bates had started Sealand Gov on the principle that any group of people dissatisfied with the oppressive laws & restrictions of existing nation-states.

Nerd Blogging

blogging nova

Nerd Blogging is the perfect resource to find actionable tutorials related to WordPress, blogging, SEO, making money online, affiliate marketing.

If you are in the blogging niche, this site has covered everything you to get success in the first attempt.

Design Build Web

design build web

Design Build Web is known for teaching place for non-coders to build a beautiful lead magnet landing page that generates leads like crazy.

They have packed up a full list of tutorials related to Elementor tricks & sales funnel optimization tips with helpful YouTube video guides.

Messina Consulting

messina group

Messina Consulting is yet another great resource of Elementor Pro page builder, beautifully presented on the Internet.

This is a Trusted Advisor with a unique approach to planning and executing digital transformation. That helps your business or company to grow faster.

  • Founder: Thomas Parkinson
  • Theme: WP Astra



DNK (SVG Dollar Spot) is an eCommerce site built with Elementor Pro. Looking at this site explains how Elementor can be used for creating online shopping stores.



WP Elevation is an online program designed specifically for WordPress bloggers, affiliate marketers and consultants. It helps customers how to improve your workflow and business practices.


easy theme packs

EasyThemePacks has been known great resources to use instead of Elementor plugin. After installing Easythemepacks, building a WordPress website layouts and customization, everything becomes natural even than before.

Blogging Wizard

blogging wizard

If you are the one looking for proven strategies to accelerate your blog’s growth, then Blogging Wizard is a leading learning resource for you, which helps over a thousand bloggers and marketers to turn their blogs from ZERO to HERO.

WP Super Stars

wp super stars

WP Super Stars is an online resource built to simplify WordPress blogging. Reading this blog, help you to improve your website productivity, which ultimately skyrockets your search rankings in 2021.

Blogging Lift

blogging lift

Blogging Lift blogs delivers well-defined content about blogging, WordPress, SEO, affiliate marketing etc. I follow this blog since 2019, and it helped me learn a lot of new tactics to increase affiliate sales in less time.

Master Blogging

master blogging

Master Blogging is one of my favourite blogs owned by Ankit Singla. Reading this blog is not just help you to create a WordPress site but also shows you how to get it noticed fast in Google pages.

Guide Blogging

guide blogging

Have you ever know someone doing a blog under the age of 15? No right…! I do. Yes, he is Mr. Umer Qureshi. He is 15 years old only and helping elders bloggers on Guide Blogging.



Like Guide Blogging, Blogging Lift, WP Blogging 101 etc. BloggingX helps aspiring newbies, bloggers, affiliate marketers and businesses to leverage the power of the Internet and content marketing to spread their brand on the web.

WP Crafter

wp crafter

WP Crafter has committed to helping as many people as possible to understand WordPress in a better way. That helps to create a high authority WP blog by choosing the right tools and then know how to use them to the fullest.

Made with Elementor

made with elementor

Made With Elementor is the best place to showcase your Elementor-based websites or WordPress blogs. This site is not officially associated with Elementor but a great resource of finding Elementor examples websites.

WP Builder

wp builder

WP Builder is almost similar to GPressTheme blog. Here, you can find reviews, in-depth tutorials, reviews and more. The site was started a few months ago; that why it has not many resources or content yet.

So, above are the most inspiring Elementor site examples and video websites for your inspiration. Now, if you are interested in Elementor plugin then the question is:

Which version is the best fit for my WordPress site? Is it Elementor free is enough, or should I break out my wallet and pay for Elementor Pro?

However, Elementor.com officially compared Elementor free vs pro. So, here I will breakdown some points:

You will probably be okay with Elementor free if…

  • Don’t want to take coding headaches while designing any part of your blog design.
  • Just want to create basic but hood looking content that probably doesn’t possible with WordPress Gutenberg editor.
  • Already have an Elementor compatible theme like GeneratePress, WP Astra or OceanWP etc.

Definitely, you have to invest in Elementor Pro if… 

  • Want to design excellent posts and pages layouts like GPressTheme and Black Friday 2021.
  • Thinking to build an eCommerce store or fashion blog on WordPress CMS.
  • Need to use any layout out of 300+ premium templates.
  • Looking for creating more engaging content without writing a single line of code.
  • Want to create an entire WordPress site using Elementor alone (consider using a free theme like Twenty Seventeen).

Final Thoughts About Elementor Website Examples 2021

I bet, reading this page inspired you to create a WordPress website using Elementor.

And why not!

After all, you have multiple options for blog designing, landing page templates and sales page layouts within Elementor page builder.

Finally, I have done my duty, showing you the top listed Elementor examples WordPress sites in 2021. If I missed any website, kindly submit that website link here.

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