3 Best CSS Hero Alternatives [Free & Paid] WordPress CSS Editor 2020

Are you looking for the best CSS Hero Alternative free or premium plugins for your WordPress site?

If said yes, here is the exact listing showing you the best softwares similar to CSS Hero plugin with live CSS editing functionality.

No matter what niche you are, it has been already a hard job to find an alternative for a specific product, tool, software or service, as there are hundreds of options to choose from.

So, to help you deciding which CSS live editing plugin is the best either its free or paid, I have written this comprehensive article introducing you with the top CSS Hero alternative plugins in 2020.

Let's get started...!

3 Best CSS HERO alternatives [free and premium]

1. Yellow Pencil [Premium]

yellow pencil

Yellow Pencil is a premium WordPress CSS style editor plugin available on codecanyon.net. This plugin allows you to customize your website design with real-time live editing experience.

Even if you have no coding knowledge at all, you can still use Yellow Pencil plugin to adjust fonts, colors, positions, styles and a lot of more area of your WordPress site.

Having said that, Yellow Pencil has been created to let you customize any element on any theme or plugin with writing a single line of code comapred to CSS Hero.

Moreover, it help you editing your theme in minutes, or redesign the whole design of your website the way you want.


  • Drag & drop layouts
  • Responsive design
  • Wireframe mode
  • Undo/redu options
  • Direct CSS editor


  • No free trial

2. SiteOrigin CSS [Free]

siteorigin css

SiteOrigin CSS is a free advanced WordPress CSS live editor plugin developed by siteorigin.com. That said, there is a CSS editor built in for those who like to edit their stylesheets by hand without coding headache.

This plugin works great with all niche WordPress themes and plugins. So no worries what you are using on site, SiteOrigin CSS provides you flexibility, designing a website in real time.

Though this plugin free to use, which means it has less features compared to CSS Hero and Yellow Pencil. So, if you are looking features rich plugin then consider choosing you Yellow Pencil on behalf of CSS Hero alternative free softwares.


  • Free to use for lifetime
  • Live preview experience
  • Click to select function


  • No mobile specific options

3. TJ Custom CSS [Free]

tj custom css

TJ Custom CSS a type of cost-less plugin from Theme Junkie. It allows you easily highlight individual CSS selectors, for designing your theme style, whether you are a coding beginner or a web developer.

Like other free CSS Hero alternative tools, TJ Custom CSS uses a CSS manager to add the custom CSS to your site. It automatically override any theme or default styles as soon as you add your own code from within your dashboard.

Having said that, TJ Custom CSS is very straight forward auto-saving plugin that save your time while switching browser tabs or refreshing pages.


  • No configuration needed
  • Live editing preview
  • Auto saving function
  • Child theme alternative
  • Uninstall procedure


  • Very less features

Final thoughts on the best alternative to CSS Hero free plugins

No doubt, CSS Hero is the greatest live editing, I found in my blogging career. But all the above CSS live editing plugins mentioned above are also known by the most used tools on WordPress in 2020.

I hope this article has helped you finding the right CSS Hero alternative free or paid plugin for your WordPress site.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this tutorial. I would love to help you out.

css hero alternative

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